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Dedupe an array in javascript

Input : An array Output : An array Logic : Iterate over the input array called data Add the element to the output array called result if the element does not exist in the...

Queue using two stacks javascript 0

Queue using two stacks javascript

Problem : Implement queue’s enqueue and dequeue operations using two stacks. Logic: The queue is first-in-first-out and a stack is last in-first-out phenomena. Hence, the main difference between these two data structures is that...


Sort the stack in ascending order

Problem : Sort the given stack into an ascending order without using recursion. Logic: Pop an item from the original stack and push it onto the sorted stack. If the poped item from the...


Introduction to backtracking

Backtracking is a general algorithmic technique that considers searching every possible combination in order to solve a problem. It is also known as depth-first search or branch and bound. It is an important tool...

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