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what does console.log.bind(console) do?

Function#bind allows you to create a new function, whose this value will be set to the value you pass.   Hence, it allows you to abstract the console.log statements. So, you can type : var...


Find duplicates in an array using javascript

Problem : Given an array of positive integers find all the duplicate elements. Algorithm : Iterate over the array using forEach Find if there is a duplicate for the element using indexOf indexOf takes...

Tower of hanoi 0

Tower of hanoi

Problem : The Towers of Hanoi is a classic puzzle with 3 pegs and multiple disks of different sizes. The goal of the puzzle is to move all the disks from the first peg...


Detect start of a loop in linked list

Problem : Given a linked list, implement an algorithm which returns the node at the beginning of the loop. This post is a follow-up of – JavaScript Linked List Example – Detect a loop...

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